08The UK welcomes people from all over the world, visitors who delight in the British sights, culture and entertainment. But not everyone is motivated solely by tourism

There are plenty of good reasons to visit the UK besides tourism: study, work, marriage, business. In each case – in accordance with border control regulations – a specific type of visa is required for the duration of your stay. A word of warning: we always recommend that you consult a visa specialist and contact the Brazilian Consulate when planning your visit. They are best placed to clarify all of the requirements and documentation needed for each situation.


Work Visas

Tier 1 – For entrepreneurs who wish to make an investment in the UK or for professionals recognised as having a specific expertise in their field (e.g. scientists, artists)

Tier 2For people who already have a local job offer pending

Tier 3 – This type of visa has been withdrawn and there is no timeframe for its reinstatement (it was used for lower-skilled professionals)


Tier 5 – For professionals who wish to carry out a role in the country for a short period of time (e.g. professional athlete, clergymen or volunteers)

Student visas

Tier 4 – For exchange students or university students whose course lasts longer than six months


Business visas

For visitors who are either employed by a company or are business owners intending to conduct business in the UK for a short period of time.

Visas for partners or spouses

For the partner or spouse of a British citizen or permanent resident, which allows them to live and work indefinitely in the UK.

Note: these were the valid visas at the time of closing this edition


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