Unusual pets


The pet universe goes way beyond cats and dogs

Most people prefer cats and dogs, but there are those who prefer unusual pets that are somewhat different, or at least out of the ordinary.

Rabbits, hamsters and chinchillas – a kind of little squirrel – are some of the cuddly favourites amongst mammal lovers.

When it comes to birds, some of the top picks are the papagaio parrot- very common in Brazil – the cockatiel – a great companion – and other birds like the canary.

Then there are the aquarium pets, which besides being good company bring life to their surroundings. In general, fish and terrapins are the most popular in this category.

There are also, from time to time, pets that drift in and out of fashion, such as the guinea pig and, more recently, the hedgehog; a kind of mini porcupine that inspired Sonic, a well-known video game character.

No matter what the pet, it is essential that you know how to care for each one specifically. In some cases you may need a specialised veterinarian, in others – as is the case generally speaking with birds – you may need a special licence to own one (IBAMA, in Brazil).

Once you have finalised all the details, the next requirement is perhaps the most important, and simple: take good care of them with ample love and attention.

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