VBRATA and Visit Rio sign technical cooperation agreement


The partnership aims to increase the visibility of members and joint promotion activities

VBRATA (Visit Brazil Travel Association) is expanding its network for information exchange and institutional partnerships to increase the visibility of the members and destinations it promotes. On Monday, 27 May 2024, a technical cooperation agreement was signed with Visit Rio.

Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, President of VBRATA Visit Brazil Travel Association, and Roberta Werner, Executive Director of Visit Rio, signed the agreement. The two institutions will support each other’s promotional initiatives and exchange strategic information to benefit both entities and their members.

“With this agreement, we strengthen tourism promotion and support, mutually supporting the activities of VBRATA and Visit Rio so that members gain greater visibility both in Brazil and in the international markets where we are present, including the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America,” summarised Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, President of VBRATA.

Executive Director of Visit Rio, Roberta Werner and President of VBRATA Visit Brazil Travel Association Glauco Chris Fuzinatto during the agreement signing


VBRATA Visit Brazil Travel Association is a non-profit organisation focused on tourism, culture, and business. It is dedicated to promoting Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Latin America. VBRATA currently has 115 affiliated operators and more than 16,000 registered travel agents. It is a network that shortens the distance between Brazilian tourist products and international industry networks. For more information, visit www.vbrata.org.


Visit Rio is a private foundation recognised as a public utility entity and a non-profit organisation based in Rio de Janeiro. Its mission is to stimulate and increase the flow and stay of tourists in the city and to attract the holding of congresses and events of a technical, scientific, cultural, and sporting nature, both national and international. Its members include operators, travel agencies, hotels, event spaces, trade associations, transport companies, shopping centres, retail, and gastronomy. For more information and a complete list of members, visit www.visitrio.com.br.


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