VBRATA UK confirms Road Show for British Travel Agents


VBRATA – Visit Brazil Travel Association, the British/European Travel and Cultural Association Specialised in Brazil, has confirmed the next VBRATA Brazilian Road Show in the United Kingdom – an event for travel agents which aims to promote Brazil and Brazilian suppliers of the British travel trade.

The VBRATA Brazilian Road Show 2018 will be in Bristol on 15 May, Brighton on 16 May and Manchester on 17 May 2018.

A list of exhibitors confirmed will be publicised at the beginning of May by the organisers. The forecast is to have 8 to 10 exhibitors and 180 travel agents in all three events

“The VBRATA Brazilian Road Show, which is in its 14th edition in the UK, is an annual event organised by VBRATA to promote Brazil to British travel agents. This edition of the VBRATA Brazilian Road Show will take place in Brazilian restaurants, so we can also promote Brazilian gastronomy to the agents. With support from UK based suppliers, we will cover these three important UK cities, stimulating travel agents to find out more about Brazil” said Chris Fuzinatto, Chairman of VBRATA EUROPE.


VBRATA is a UK based not-for-profit organisation whose members are dedicated and committed to promoting Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination to both the travelling public and the British travel trade.

The association is supported by the regional, state and municipal tourist offices within Brazil. In the UK we have the support of the Embassy of Brazil in London as well as its membership that is made up of the UK based tour operators, airlines and Brazilian travel suppliers with specialist knowledge of Brazil.

When it comes to getting good and sound advice on travelling to and around Brazil, contact a VBRATA member. They are the real experts on everything Brazilian.


Anyone interested in taking part in the VBRATA Road Show in the UK should get in touch with:

Liane Galina

T: 020-7323 9904

E: press@vbrata.org.uk

W: www.vbrata.org.uk


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