VBRATA UK launches the London Caipirinha Festival from 5 – 17 September 2017


London set to stage the flavoursome festival designed to promote Brazilian cocktails, gastronomy and culture in the UK


VBRATA UK (Visit Brazil Travel & Cultural Association) has announced the first edition of the London Caipirinha Festival in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil in London. The festival will run from 5 – 17 September 2017 in participating London-based bars and restaurants.

VBRATA UK launches the London Caipirinha Festival from 5 - 17 September 2017The festival seeks to celebrate Brazil’s vivacious spirit, and in particular put one item from the country’s rich gastronomic heritage centre stage: the caipirinha.

The London Caipirinha Festival – the largest Brazilian cocktail and gastronomy competition of its type in the UK—also aims to promote cachaça, the distilled spirit used to make a caipirinha, as well as a range of participating bars and restaurants across London.

The London Caipirinha Festival 2017 summons cocktail lovers across the capital to cast their votes on a number of categories, including Caipirinha (original with lime, fruits and exotic), Caipirinha menu, Bartender, Bar deco, Brazilian food served, Cuisines fusion offered, Establishment location and Establishment services. Votes can be registered online on the festival website. Members of the public who cast their vote will also have the opportunity to win one of several exclusive prizes. A panel of experts will also judge the caipirinha entries.

VBRATA UK launches the London Caipirinha Festival from 5 - 17 September 2017“We are very excited to be launching the first edition of the annual London Caipirinha Festival. It is the first event of its kind and provides a unique platform to introduce the infectious Brazilian party spirit to the British public,” says Chris Fuzinatto, Chairman of VBRATA EUROPE and creator of the London Caipirinha Festival.

The festival comes at a time when public interest in Brazil is in the ascendency following a series of cultural events and programmes designed to celebrate Brazilian culture in London.

To find out more about the London Caipirinha Festival please visit www.londoncaipfest.co.uk.



The London Caipirinha Festival 2017 (LCF 2017) was created by VBRATA to profile Brazilian culture across a range of sectors in London, with particular emphasis on gastronomy and cachaça. The Festival aims to showcase caipirinha, the quintessential Brazilian cocktail, as well as bars and restaurants serving Brazilian food in London.


VBRATA – Visit Brazil Travel Association is a London-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promote Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination in the United Kingdom and Europe. Our members are well established tour operators, airlines and travel agents with published travel programmes to Brazil which are recognised by the travel industry for their professionalism and reliability. They include some of the largest tour operators as well as medium, small and specialised travel agents and tour operators offering a wide variety of programmes to Brazil. When it comes to getting good and sound advice on travelling to and around Brazil, contact a VBRATA member. They are the real experts on everything Brazilian.


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 VBRATA UK launches the London Caipirinha Festival from 5 - 17 September 2017



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