VBRATA UK’s Brazilian Road Show inspires the British travel sector


The VBRATA Brazilian Road Show visited three major UK cities

Visit Brazil Travel, Cultural and Business Association, a UK-based specialist in Brazil, brought a close to their unique Brazilian Road Show in Bristol on 5 June. The objective of the road show was to actively promote Brazil as a tourist destination among the British travel trade.

The VBRATA Brazilian Road Show visited three major UK cities this year: Brighton on 17 May, Manchester on 23 May, and Bristol on 5 June.

This year’s edition included the participation of some key travel partners: EMBRATUR, Ceará State Tourism, LATAM Airlines, TAP Portugal Airlines, Azul Airlines, Yoo Hotels and Journey Latin America. The road show was deemed a great success, with over 200 British travel agents in attendance across the three events.

“We had an excellent turnout this year, with more than 200 travel agents in attendance, all increasingly interested in Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination. Staging the events in Brazilian restaurants proved, once again, a popular move amongst the delegates, not just because it provided them with an informal but conducive work environment, but because it afforded them the opportunity to discover a little bit more about Brazilian gastronomy”, according to Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, president of VBRATA EUROPE.



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