Virtual meetings ease social isolation 


One of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family, or even conduct meetings, is to opt for a videoconferencing app 

We are all tired of intermittent quarantine and have never been more exhausted by a virus that just won’t quit. More than ever, it is important to stay in close touch with family and friends to keep the spirits up. Another concern is how to conduct remote work meetings—by this stage most of us are familiar with Zoom, but which other apps are worth trying? 

Options abound, whether for users of Android, iPhone, notebook, or even a standard computer. Google, for example, has two separate applications, even though they have similar functions: Hangouts and Meets. The first is more suitable for conversations between friends and family, while the second is intended for corporate meetings, giving the user the opportunity to control who enters and leaves the call. 

Skype, although somewhat relegated these days, still exists and is one of the most reliable options for long distance communication. The call can accommodate up to 24 people, making it ideal for both formal and informal meetings. And now that the program is part of Microsoft, it can also be accessed through any browser, without having to download it directly onto a computer. On smartphones, however, you must still download the app. 

Many forget that WhatsApp itself is also a decent means of talking to friends and family. Just make a video call and add the desired contacts—for now, this function is only available for mobile devices, but the developers have already mentioned the possibility of developing a computer application. 


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