Visit Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest


It’s now possible to visit the Forbidden Forest, made famous by the magical world of Harry Potter.

The Forbidden Forest was officially opened in London on 31 March and is part of the Warner Bros. Studios Tour. The forest is depicted in both the Harry Potter books and the films and visitors can now get up close and personal with 19 trees – each 3.66m in diameter – and several life-size magical creatures from the series, including Aragog, a monstrous spider capable of speaking, and Buckbeak, a hippogriff (half-eagle, half-horse). Visitors to the attraction are greeted by Hagrid in full costume as they’re beckoned forthwith by his lantern. It’s even possible to control the weather conditions in the forest, which is full of interactive features and several other secrets that are kept just for visitors.

Visitors are provided with special lanterns to light their way through the forest given that the very same lighting techniques used to shoot the movies have been employed to create a true and evocative experience.

Entry to the Forbidden Forest is included in the price of a standard Warner Bros. Tour ticket, but your visit must be scheduled in advance via the tour’s official website – tickets are not available on the door.


What: Visit the Forbidden Forest of Harry Potter

Where: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive – Leavesden WD25 7LR


For more information visit the attraction’s official website.


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