Ways to restructure your business


Aspect Plus has been restructuring troubled businesses in London through financial, legal and administrative consulting for the last eight years.

The core specialism of the company is insolvency law, which concerns private companies or individuals that find themselves in financial crisis. Two of the three partners specialise in personal insolvency, the other in corporate.

The service is not only important for companies thinking of claiming bankruptcy, but also for those that need restructuring or simply want to avoid the problem in the first place. “When a company here in the UK goes into administration, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is bankrupt: it can be re-managed,” explains Bianca Edwards, a Brazilian partner at Aspect Plus.

The process takes place in stages: first, an audit is carried out to identify the cause of the problem; then comes the means of relief, which is an action plan to rescue of the company either by introducing a new administrative approach or by selling shares of the business; and, finally, a consultative guide to help lead the new management. “Many people start a business with a good idea, but they lack knowledge or advice about business administration, so we offer this service,” she adds.

Working with insolvency in the UK is very different from what is standard practice in Brazil. The work here the UK is regulated and carried out by professionals specifically trained and qualified to deal with these situations, but in Brazil, however, insolvency is usually managed by lawyers or by foreign companies operating in the territory, meaning that the person claiming bankruptcy often ends up spending more than they should on consultancy.

Insolvency is not the only service offered by Aspect Plus. Bianca heads up an international department that offers a range of additional services. “Today, if you need a translator, an immigration lawyer, an accountant who speaks Portuguese, Spanish or Italian, we can help,” Bianca explains.


Bianca says that the dream is to turn the company into a “one stop shop” for businesses, offering diversified services in one convenient place. With this in mind, the company has decided to invest in the recruitment and development of new professionals, by offering paid internships that bridge various business functions, including business administration, finance, and marketing.

If you’re interested in the professional opportunities with the company, simply send your CV to info@aspectplus.co.uk.



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