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Summer’s here so we’ve prepared a special edition to help you celebrate the best of outdoor entertainment in the UK. Our My London is sure to get the party started as we shortlist the best of this year’s festival picks, profile some of London’s open air street markets, and round up the headline Brazilian acts due to play London this summer, bringing with them a certain bossa spirit to the capital.

Back in Brazil, we cast a light on Festa Junina, or June Festivals, the winter festivities that a grip a nation and honour age-old local customs and traditions. Our lead story, 24 hours in São Paulo, provides readers with everything they need to know about Latin America’s Big Apple. We also raise a glass to Brazil’s quintessential cocktail, the Caipirinha, and take a closer look at its principal ingredient, cachaça. If that’s not enough to quench your thirst in the summer sun, then we also have our regular sections; gastronomy, pets, health and well-being, LGBT and education, as well as an interesting look at Community Tourism around Brazil.

Don’t forget, you can access our online version at bbmag.co.uk, BBMAG DIGITAL, where you’ll find all our regular content and more, including our exclusive BBMAG Business Directory for all your Brazilian products and services in the UK.

Here’s to a most Brazilian summer in London!


Glauco Chris Fuzinatto


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