Rio 2016 – Ever heard of Wheelchair Rugby?


Wheelchair Rugby has been an exciting part of the Paralympics since the Sydney 2000 Games.

The sport requires a great deal of skill and strength, with athletes regularly pushing themselves to the limit over the course of a match. Have a read through to understand a bit more about how the game works.

Wheelchair Rugby includes one or two adaptations from the regular version of the sport. The ball used is the same as that in Volleyball, and matches take place on a Basketball court. Teams have up to 12 players, with only four playing at a time. Matches are divided into four three-minute periods. Players must kick or pass the ball at least once every ten seconds, and attacks can last a maximum of 40 seconds. If a team breaks this rule, they forfeit possession.

The defending team is not allowed to have more than three players at a time in the key area. To score, players must get themselves and both wheels of their wheelchair over the line of the opponent’s goal area, without losing the ball, of course!

The competition starts on 14 September, in the Arena Carioca I, Barra da Tijuca. Don’t miss it!


Interesting Facts

– If a defending player commits a foul which clearly prevents an attacker from scoring, the points are awarded to the attacking team.

– The sport was invented in Canada, in 1976, by five wheelchair athletes who were looking for an alternative to Wheelchair Basketball.


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