WTM Latin America announces novelties for its edition in 2022


The in-person event will be held at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, and is likely to have 500 exhibitors and 8,000 unique visitors

‘The explosion of the omicron variant postponed the official end of the pandemic that we’d all been waiting for. Even so, the hope of a better year with opportunities for all remains intact. It’s not over yet, but the vaccine, in addition to the necessary protection and safety measures we need to adopt, has played (and is still playing) its role worldwide, and this is allowing us to breathe – literally – with relief. That’s why people are wanting to travel again.

The whole world wants to see people face-to-face again, wants to share their challenges and achievements, and needs that connection with others more than ever.’

This is what Simon Mayle, the director of WTM Latin America, had to say when confirming the tenth edition of the event, which will take place between 5 and 7 April at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo.

WTM Latin America is the third large post-pandemic in-person event in RX Global’s portfolio of travel and tourism events in the world and will be held after the Dubai and London (UK) editions: it will follow all the necessary protocols for a safe and controlled event. With its inspiring theme “The magic is back”, WTM Latin America marks the reopening of the calendar of events of the travel industry in Brazil: over the three days of face-to-face meetings that will focus on business, it is expected that more than 500 exhibitors, representing more than 40 countries, will come together.

Among the novelties this year is the Bag of Digital Offers, which was launched in the virtual edition in 2021 and presents beforehand what each brand will be offering during the exhibition.

‘From a simple platform that can be accessed by way of a computer or mobile phone browser, participants can find out what exhibitors are going to be offering and define which ‘offers’ they want to see at the pavilion,’ he says. ‘This is yet another way of bringing visitors and exhibitors together, understanding that the ‘offer’ is those activities that are going to be made available by the exhibitors in their spaces, such as training courses, launches and even gamification.’

Another novelty of this edition is Emperia, a tool that is being made available free of charge to exhibitors to help them register leads at the event without leaving their stand.

In addition to the exhibition, WTM Latin America 2022 will feature the Agent on the Road Programme, the Hosted Buyers Programme, the second edition of the Responsible Tourism Awards, the meeting pre-scheduling platform (the same one that was used in the virtual edition), and the Speed Networking area. There will also be initiatives aimed at digital influencers and qualified content, which will permeate the three main pillars that WTM Latin America has adopted since 2020: Diversity & Inclusion, Responsible Tourism and Technology.

‘We have here an event that effectively connects the Latin American region with the world. We were very pleased with the result of our virtual edition last year, but we’re even more confident now we’re returning to the pavilion. We’re sure that we’re going to experience a global boom in tourism,’ says the executive.

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The World Travel Market (WTM) portfolio comprises the main travel events, online portals and virtual platforms of four continents, and generates more than US$ 7.5 billion in business for the industry.


About WTM Latin America

WTM Latin America takes place annually in São Paulo and attracts around 19,000 tourism professionals during the three-day event. The fair offers qualified content, as well as networking and business opportunities. In its ninth edition – the first fully virtual event was held in 2021 – WTM Latin America has continued to focus on effective business generation and has reached the mark of 4,200 meetings held between buyers, travel agents and exhibitors. More information is available on the site.

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