WTM Latin America’s 2022 closes with a record attendance


WTM Latin America 2022 showed an 8.7% growth in the number of visitors vis-à-vis 2019 

Busy corridors, 565 exhibitors from 40 countries, training theatres packed full and a lot of positive energy marked the end of WTM Latin America 2022. During the first two days of the event, the organization registered the entry of 10,725 visitors, which translates into an 8.7% growth by comparison with 2019. “The event corroborates the signs of a positive future for tourism, with the prospect of deals being closed and a great deal of reflection regarding the activity”, celebrates, WTM Latin America’s director, Simon Mayle.

Another important achievement was the huge support for the scheduling platform, which registered the advance booking of 6 thousand meetings during the three days of the event. Thais Del Ben, Marketing and Communications manager, credits this result to what was learned from the pandemic. “Latin Americans were not in the habit of planning their agenda before events and this behavioural change came about as a result of having taken part in virtual events over the last two years”, she points out. Bianca Pizzolito, Sales Manager for Brazil and Latin America, stresses the benefit that this behavioural change creates for the organization of flows and for attracting new business, which is one of the event’s main premises.

In this sense, the event exhibited some important advances. One of the most symbolic ones was the closing of a commercial agreement between CVC and Blumenau’s (in the State of Santa Catarina) Oktoberfest. The operator will start selling tickets to the largest beer festival in the Americas and the second biggest one in the world at its 1,200 own stores and at all of the chain’s franchisees. Nilson Passarin, director of Tourism Planning and Promotion in Brazil’s beer capital, commemorate the agreement and the potential for publicizing the city’s attractions over and above the beer festival.

“We had a very qualified visit during the WTM and we were able to show the exclusive itineraries that we are developing. During the pandemic, we structured the city by means of a number of public-private partnerships because we were confident that tourism would come back strong”, he said, mentioning the future inauguration of the Museu da Cerveja (Beer Museum) and of the City’s Bus Tour and the revitalization of various squares that meet the demands of both residents as well as visitors for the enjoyment of leisure time in open areas, along with other initiatives.

Minas Gerais also made good use of the encounter to do the pre-release of the Via Liberdade, a 1,179-kilometer route along the BR-040 highway that links the state’s historical and cultural attractions with those of the States of Rio de Janeiro and Goiás and the Federal District. “We already have 70 experiences and itineraries mapped out, in addition to the provision of training to show attractions over and above the Historic Cities, with highlight going to seven World Heritage Sites, among other aspects”, summed up Milena Pedrosa, the State of Minas Gerais’ Deputy Secretary of Tourism. 

About World Travel Market

The World Travel Market (WTM) portfolio comprises the main travel events, online portals and virtual platforms of four continents, and generates more than US$ 7.5 billion in business for the industry.

About WTM Latin America

WTM Latin America takes place annually in São Paulo and attracts around 19,000 tourism professionals during the three-day event. The fair offers qualified content, as well as networking and business opportunities. In its ninth edition – the first fully virtual event was held in 2021 – WTM Latin America has continued to focus on effective business generation and has reached the mark of 4,200 meetings held between buyers, travel agents and exhibitors.

For further information, visit the website https://www.wtm.com/latin-america/en-gb.html

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