AMALÁ Brazilian Brunch Experience


AMALÁ is back with another pop-up event on 4th November: an irresistible Brazilian brunch hosted by chefs Luciana Berry and Julio Ketteley.

Both from Bahia and Le Cordon Bleu trained, no other chefs could be more suited to run the AMALÁ kitchen. Not only do Luciana and Julio bring unrivalled creativity to the kitchen, they also have an inherent understanding of how to showcase Brazilian gastronomy as a diverse, unique and complex cuisine—one that has an international voice and can influence the top restaurants in the world.

Luciana and Julio will present their own interpretation of Brazil’s traditional brunch dishes, each one marrying a multitude of origins, accents and faiths of the Brazilian people.


Fried Burford Browns egg, corn cuscus

Cassava, truffled butter

Plantain and pancetta cowboy beans

Beetroot Brazilian crêpe, sautéed wild mushrooms, Gruyère

Greek yoghurt, cupuaçu, coconut & Brazil nut granola

Pink guava and ginger Brazilian “dream donut”

Tropical fruit

Freshly squeezed orange juice with acerola

Brazilian Bloody Mary

Tea and coffee

4th November, 11am

The Pill Box Kitchen – 115 Coventry Road, London E2 6GG –Bethnal Green Tube Station

Adults £27.50/Kids £12.50


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AMALÁ is all about introducing London to nova cozinha brasileira (modern Brazilian cuisine) and creating a showcase for native Brazilian ingredients, as well as creatively transforming traditional recipes into a contemporary dining experience that celebrates a vibrant and flavoursome Brazil.

The word amalá refers to a traditional Brazilian recipe, one that epitomises Brazil’s unique fusion of culture and cuisine. To some, it is a dish made with okra and smoked prawns and customarily offered to Xangô, a symbol of supreme divinity in the Candomblé faith, a religion originated in the state of Bahia during slavery. Others call it caruru, one of the many variations of the same recipe, a staple on dinner tables in Northeast Brazil and served with or without religious significance.

Most importantly, around any bowl of Amalá you are always sure to find friends, laughter, and music – it’s a dish that truly unites people.



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