Bebel Gilberto – Union Chapel in London on 15 April 2019 presented by Como No


Bebel Gilberto to perform at Union Chapel in London on 15 April 2019

Having first been introduced to the tranquil and serene bossa nova, electronica fusion sounds of Brazilian/American singer Bebel Gilberto over two decades now with the release of her phenomenal international album Tanto Tempo (2000), the world truly has embraced this phenomenal artist’s music which presents its own unique distinctive style and positioned Bebel Gilberto as one of the best-selling Brazilian artists in the U.S.

Since that time a number of studio albums and international live tours have followed supporting the releases of these recordings with Bebel Gilberto (2004) Momento (2007) All In One (2009) to her most recent album Tudo (2014) in which the same title name song from the album was nominated for the 16th Latin Grammy Awards in the Best Brazilian Song Category.
Music and Live performance seems a natural elegance to Bebel which is not surprising as she truly is from Brazilian musical royalty being the daughter of bossa nova icon João Gilberto and Miucha: yet even with those deep family roots has always maintained her own musical identity.  Most recently delivering a more simplified sound which places the emphasis on her voice.


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Bebel Gilberto’s long awaited return to London has not disappoint fans with a “sold out” 90-minute + show presented by Como No at the much loved North London Live music venue and Gothic working church, the Union Chapel, this was her only UK show this year presenting an intimate live and unplugged set reflecting across her incredible career with guitarist Bernardo Bosisio.

Highlights from the evening included the wonderful – “Samba da Benção”, “August day songs”, “So Nice (Summer Samba)”, “Aganju”, “Simplesmente” and “Preciso dizer que te amo” originally recorded in 1986 with legendary Brazilian singer/songwriter Cazuza.  In addition, another highpoint to the evening was we charming, romantic and wonderful rendition of the Neil Young classic “Harvest Moon”.

Switching in between songs from Portuguese to English captivated the mood of the delightful evening further, overall a wonderful chilled and rhythmic performance with much anticipation to the next album and return to London and the UK!

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