Boteco Brasil Supper Club by Luciana Berry


Inspired by a typical “boteco” evening, Brazil’s renowned international chef and UK Masterchef Semi-finalist, Luciana Berry, hosts and prepares a seven course meal of authentic brazilian bar food

Memories, laughter, warmth, and delectable food these are all the amazing factors of a traditional Brazilian “boteco”, a classic pub/bar in Brazil that customarily shares dishes amongst passionate food lovers.

So come join this rare cultural food experience of “boteco” style, taste delicious dishes full of the rich flavours and spices of Brazil, connect to those around you, and listen to beautiful beats. There will be no other event like it in the UK! Everything will be served communal style to give the sense of how brazilians sit and eat on an evening out. The course is going to be offered in two days, June 14th and 15th, at the Baldwin Gallery.

Some treats from the menu include Brazilian cured beef croquette with guava, chilli and ginger compote; Fried cassava with açaí mayo; Black eyed beans steamed dumpling with bread, smoked prawns and peanuts savoury porridge; Coconut creme caramel and many more.

Tickets include a pre-planned seven course meal and a concert between courses and can be purchased at Eventbrite.

When: June 14th and 15th
Where: Baldwin Gallery, 35 Eltham Rd, London SE12 8EX


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