Brazil and Caipirinha 


The versatility of caipirinha flavours delights the most diverse palates 

Nothing is more important to the culture of a people than their own cuisine. In this section you’ll find a series of articles on typical cocktails from Latin America, a region brimming with history, culture and tradition. 

Starting with Brazil, of course, we need to talk about the famous caipirinha; an easy-to-prepare tropical cocktail, which is already engrained into the country’s heritage by signed decree—Nº 4,851, 10/2/2003, recognises the caipirinha as a Brazilian cocktail with alcoholic strength from 15% to 36% by volume, made exclusively with cachaça, lime and sugar). There are several theories as to its origins. The most famous is that it was once a remedy for influenza, created in the interior of São Paulo. The word “caipira” is an old Tupi term used to refer to people from the countryside. 

It didn’t take Brazilian creativity long to adapt this recipe to incorporate the abundance of tropical fruits found in the country. And so, the classic caipirinha gave way to the various new recipes featuring fruits like passionfruit, kiwi, cashew, and so on. Given that cachaça is the base, there are very few constrains and so endless options to try. There are those who like it stronger, sweeter, and with less ice. Regardless of preference, the cocktail is one of the most beloved in Brazil. Before sharing our exclusive recipe, we want to recognise that the international success of the caipirinha is, in part, thanks to the huge effort of bartender Mestre Derivan de Souza to get this cocktail inducted to the International Bartenders Association (IBA). 

One of the fundamental things to remember when making a caipirinha is presentation: in general, it should be made with the right balance of peeled fruits. This time, let’s make a kiwi caipirinha. 


50ml of cachaça 

1 kiwi, mashed with sugar  

4-5 ice cubes 


Mash the kiwi with sugar in a tumbler, before adding the ice and cachaça. Mix carefully to gain more consistency. Garnish with kiwi slices.


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