Brazilian flag´s day


On the 19 November we celebrate the Brazilian Flag´s Day, a date that was created in 1889.

The flag, designed by Décio Vilares after an idea of Raimundo Teixeira Mendes and Miguel Lemos, is formed by three geometric figures that can easily be drawn by children: rectangle, diamond and circle. The colours represent the resources of the country: the green symbolizes the forests; the yellow, the gold; the blue, the sky; and the white represents the peace and the union of the people. The 27 stars represent the 26 Brazilian states plus the Federal District (Brasília).

This date is a good opportunity for an activity the children will find fun and interactive: draw, cut and paste the parts that form the Brazilian flag. Or how about motivating the children to create a sandwich that can reproduce the design of the flag? Or perhaps arrange some typical Brazilian ingredients in a plate to form its design? Here you have our suggestion.

Brazilian flag´s day


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RIGLEA BRAUER HOLVA, somewhere between 60 and 70 years old, is from MG, but as a teenager she made her way out and ended up in the Brazilian Foreign Service. She has lived in several countries but never forgot her “mineirice”, which is reflected in her love of grammar and the delicacies that she bakes in her kitchen-lab every week. She has lived in Stockholm since 2008. With two sons and married to a Swedish-Finnish citizen, her home is like a “small UN”: languages, traditions, habits and culinary diversity cohabit peacefully. She has quite a few passions: the unconditional love for the family and friends, flavorful food and a good glass of wine. Cheers!