Ever tried a sparkling caipirinha?


A quick and refreshing cocktail for any occasion!

The choices of cocktail are many, but a caipirinha is always a good option in the heat. The classic – made with cachaça, lime, sugar and ice – has successfully conquered fans the world over, but how might we give our beloved cocktail a special summer twist I wonder?

One version that we’re keen on, which can take some by surprise, is the sparkling variety. When prepared correctly it makes for an excellent tipple—fast, refreshing and for any occasion. There’s no general consensus about the right recipe for a bubbly caipirinha, but it is generally understood that the choice of citrus-fizz mix is an important element. Luckily for us then that today you can buy excellent citric mixers—pure lemonade, rosé and Sicilian—in most supermarkets. However, it’s the choice and creativity of each bartender and mixologist that sets the right tone for every sip.

Here we present our spiced-rosé version; with spicy citrus notes, it’s perfect for those warmer summer evenings. Our ingredients include white cachaça, three crushed black peppers and a squeeze of orange, in addition to a premium rosé lemonade. To finish, lots of ice and some orange peel to garnish.

Now you’ve got all you need to soak up the sun with friends whilst sipping on your Brazil-inspired sparkling cocktail. But, hang on, how do you actually make one?



  • 50ml of white cachaça
  • 100ml of premium rosé lemonade
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Orange zest as garnish
  • 3 grains of black pepper



Knead three black peppers in a tumbler. Squeeze half an orange. Fill a tumbler (or glass of preference) with ice and add 50ml of white cachaça. Add 100 ml of premium rosé lemonade. Stir the ice carefully over the edges with a ballerina spoon and garnish with a few black peppercorns and orange zest.


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Economist, drinks specialist, founder of the House of Cachaça, and also runs IMC Drinks, a company that promotes the development of Brazilian drinks overseas.