Food Trucks in Brazil


The darlings of today’s fast-food industry, food trucks continue to win over legions of avid fans

The food truck movement is mostly an urban phenomenon and evermore present in the major centres across Brazil, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Fortaleza. Seen very much as the natural evolution of the fast-food industry, these vehicles—which are not in fact trucks but vans—offer expertly-prepared food and drink from a surprising range of cuisines, and anything from a common hamburger to artisanal breads and craft beers.

Food trucks congregate in open and communal areas to create unique food events—often referred to as Food Parks—that seek to unite a sumptuous array of culinary influences. Offering fast and reliable service, these modern installations of the contemporary food industry have established themselves as part of everyday life in Brazil, and can be found in the most diverse places, from specific festivals to the neighbouring car parks of local offices and colleges.

Their success is, in part, thanks to the economic strain of recent years—unfavourable conditions that have led to the widespread closure of many more traditional restaurants, snack bars and bakeries. As a result, many people from the food industries started to use Kombis to produce and sell quality, fair-priced food and drink. The trend stuck and today the culture of food trucks is very much engrained in contemporary urban life.

Did you know that there’s even a food truck social network? It’s called Mykind, and is used to connect lovers of street food online. What’s more, there are several useful apps that help users track down options in the area.

In addition, companies are now beginning to sponsor food trucks and promote this new wave of convenience. Craft beers, breads, desserts (brigadeiros, chocolates, ice creams, cakes), along with dishes from Arabian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Mexican, and Brazilian cooking means that there are flavours and prices for all tastes and desires… All you have to do is chose one.


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