Income taxes for Brazilians overseas


Are you required to declare your income in Brazil if you live overseas? Find out all you need to know!

Brazilian citizens that spend time overseas, either as tourists or temporary residents, should access the Receita Federal website and download the relevant information pertaining to the proper income declaration process, also known as the IRPF, and state for which year they intend to file. The tax return process can be done remotely.

In the case of any further doubts, Brazilian citizens abroad can send their questions directly to the Receita Federal e-mail address. It is also worth noting that those failing to file within the stipulated timeframe will be fined, the weight of which depends on the length of associated delay.

Brazilian citizens that have left Brazil permanently (or for more than one year) are not required to file an income tax form.

Income abroad will no longer be taxed in Brazil, but rather in the country where that Brazilian legally resides. Only if that person has a separate income in Brazil, from financial investments for example, will a corresponding amount be taxed at the source.

Remember: The Receita Federal website provides coherent information to help clarify any immediate doubts or questions and, as mentioned, it also invites Brazilians to contact them via email, if required. For any further clarification, get in touch with the Receita Federal directly or, better still, contact a reliable accountant in Brazil.


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