Nutrition and Aesthetics


Let’s talk about how nutritional advice can applies to aesthetics?

What is it, what are the benefits, and who is the most appropriate professional for such advice?

A balanced and nutritious diet has natural aesthetic benefits, including a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, stronger nails, glowing skin, brighter hair, and several other aesthetic effects related to a healthy diet, adequate hydration, physical exercise and specific aesthetic treatments.

However, there is more to nutritional advice where aesthetics is concerned. By having a deeper understanding of the human anatomy and the elements related to beauty, such as skin, nails and hair, as well as the related pathophysiology, and applying such knowledge to the results of any nutritional analysis, we can define specific nutritional plans for each and every situation.

However no two approaches to nutrition are identical. Nutritional plans are highly personalised, and this is fundamental to guarantee the expected results.

Some of the issues that nutrition can address in terms of aesthetics include:

  • Oral or systemic photoprotection (protection against UV rays);
  • Prevention and delay of the signs of skin aging;
  • Melasmas (dark patches on the skin)
  • Fragile nail syndrome;
  • Female alopecia (female baldness) and hirsutism (excess hair in women, often caused by hormonal imbalance);
  • Excessive dryness and skin disorders such as rosacea and acne;
  • Cellulite, localised fat and sagging skin and/or muscle;
  • Thinning and improving body composition;
  • Pre and post-operative plastic surgeries;
  • Promotion of the results of non-surgical aesthetic treatments;
  • And others…

If you are looking for nutritional advice with a focus on aesthetics, seek a qualified professional. Study their curriculum, courses studied and published material on the subject.

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