Rabo de Galo: a new Brazilian classic cocktail


A Brazilian cocktail set to conquer the world!

Most people don’t realise that the most consumed cocktail made with cachaça in Brazil is actually the Rabo de Galo, or “Cock’s Tail”. It’s a full-bodied Brazilian drink with its own inimitable style. The name is intriguing and comes from the literal translation of the English word “Cocktail”: cock is “Galo” and tail is “Rabo”. The word was first introduced to modern in the US and referred to the mixing of drinks.

The history of the Rabo de Galo dates back to 1950s and the inauguration of the Cinzano factory in São Paulo, a drink that was popular among Italian immigrants. Neat Vermouth, at that time, didn’t go down well with Brazilians and so someone came up with the idea of mixing it with cachaça, the locals’ favourite. It was an instant hit. These days, the cocktail is a mainstay of most bars in Brazil and has even won national awards. And given how easy it is to make and the distinct taste it produces, the Rabo de Galo is gaining increasing notoriety on the international scene.

As with the caipirinha in 1998, Brazilian bartenders now want the Rabo de Galo officially inducted into the International Bartenders Association’s (IBA) accredited cocktail list. This would be a massive tribute to another of our national classics and its base tipple, cachaça.

Let’s get mixing!

50ml of Cachaça
25ml of Red Vermouth
25ml of Cynar
Tahiti Lemon Twist

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker full of ice. Shake well. Serve in an old-fashioned tumbler and finish with the lemon twist.


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