If you’re looking for a sport for the kids, swimming might be the best option


Given this natural relationship between humans and water, it stands to logic that children should feel at home in a pool.

According to experts, the earlier a child is introduced to swimming, the greater the benefits will be long term.

Classes are generally available for babies as young as 3 months of age. Kids up to 6 years mostly learn survival skills and basic strokes, leaving the teaching of actual swimming techniques for ages 7 through to 13. It’s only after this stage that people should consider taking the sport further and perhaps even starting to compete.

As a general rule, when choosing the best place for your children to start swimming classes, be sure to find
a qualified and patient instructor, one that has the creativity to engage the young ones, but also the empathy to
understand the challenges of each and every student.

The benefits that swimming can bring kids are well documented, such as heightened motor skills and
enhanced lung capacity. Also, given the high energy consumption in the pool, you can also expect your young
ones to develop quite the appetite—good news for parents of difficult eaters. And what’s more, if the lesson is in a heated pool after a long day at school, you can bet on a peaceful night’s sleep, too. Fathers will be most grateful!

Whichever way you look at it, the short- and long-term benefits of swimming are all but guaranteed. The most
important thing, however, is to let your kid have fun and get the most out of this magnificent sport.


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