Romantic pair of teddy bears are a hit in London airport’s Christmas ad campaign


Popular with both younger and older generations, and commonly used to symbolise Englishness, teddy bears have often been a successful element of Christmas ad campaigns for a number of international brands.

Now in its 70th year of operations, Heathrow International Airport – London’s largest and most important – has come up with a creative campaign featuring a loveable pair of traveling teddy bears.

The ad’s tagline, “Coming home: the best gift of all”, is a reference to the importance of celebrating Christmas with the family.

In the animated clip, which is about a minute long, the teddy bear couple are shown as they go through the various stages of their journey through the iconic London airport – from boarding to baggage collection, up to their magical reunion with their grandchildren – watch the video on the YouTube link here.

Heathrow International, in action since 1946 and currently made up of five terminals, is Europe’s busiest airport, with daily flights to and from the all the four corners of the globe. Its infrastructure accommodates dozens of airlines from over 80 countries, including, of course, those which fly to and from Brazil.


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