Crowns, gloves, hats, polished nails, full-length skirts and dresses… Who says being a royal is easy? 

We are inundated with pictures of the British royal family, and they always look impeccable—not a hair out of place! But few can grasp the plethora of dos and don’ts that they need to observe to keep the fashion police at bay.

For example, miniskirts? Forget it! Skirts and dresses should always be knee-length or longer. And a small fold often adds a little weight to ensure that they don’t billow. And let’s not even start with deep V-necks, which must be avoided at all costs. And there’s more: Coats should not be removed in public; only simple nail polish allowed (no bold colours); no heels; and hair and makeup should be done in a discreet, natural way, as if one woke up this way. That is, wrinkle-free, in every department.

Some traditions are long-standing. For example: royal children always wear shorts; single women and children
don’t wear tiaras (this is a privilege bestowed only on married women, and only on prestigious occasions); the
Queen’s famous hats, which she always uses when making public appearances; handbags ought to be held in the left hand—leaving the right one free for greeting people—and elegant gloves should be used as appropriate.
And now for men… In addition to wearing military attire at important events, such as Remembrance Day and royal weddings, King Edward III determined, back in the 14th century, that male royals should not sport beards! That rule, however, has clearly been overlooked from time to time.


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