Veneto’s Enogastronomy


A union of authentic dishes, wines and culture

One of the best wine-growing regions in Italy unites local recipes, wine, historical tours and dramatic landscapes.

Quality cheeses, cured meats, wines and olive oils make Veneto one of the most prominent Italian regions for Enogastronomy. Set among a backdrop of sea, lagoons, plains, hills and ridges, the area is famous for a range of products that have come to represent the local cuisine. From starters to desserts, from appetisers to wines, there is a long list of specialities attributed to Veneto.

Veneto raises the bar when it comes to quality gastronomy and produces some of the best wines in the world thanks to its fertile soil and topography. And there are plenty of wines and Proseccos to choose from. To name but a few of Veneto’s finest: Amarone Valpolicella; Bardolino Superiore; Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiane; and Garda Chardonnay.

The region is also beloved for its cured meats and prized salami, produced in the provinces of Padua, Venice, Treviso and Rovigo. Veneto’s exclusive cuisine combines simple and quality ingredients with old traditions and new twists. The result is a smorgasbord of delicate and varied flavours that culminate in a gastronomic banquet that typifies the local history and geography.

Veneto’s culinary traditions have long been influenced by the generational wisdom of combining traditional flavours with the ingredients imported as a result of the historical development of the region. Corn, rice, beans, potatoes, cod and an assortment of vegetables are the main staples, and many of them were introduced by neighbouring countries, or due to the expansion of international trade, or even the Austrians during the Second Word War.

Veneto’s cuisine marries simplicity with charm, authenticity with sumptuousness, and always manages to accentuate the finer details.

Typical products

Salami, cheese and dairy are the local highlights. In the pasta stakes, “bigoli” is the star—a thick pasta made using a hand-operated press and served with a sauce. Risottos come in endless varieties, with the more classic recipes featuring meat, mushrooms and seafood.

For dessert, besides the torta sabbiosa (a light and tasty cake) we must pay homage to the “zaletti alla veneziana”, a biscuit made with water, flour, baking powder and a topping of choice. Another signature dessert is “Golosessi” skewers, with caramelised dried figs, walnuts and apricots.

Enogastronomic Tourism

There are several different wine tours and products to help you explore the region’s enogastronomy, most of which help to unpack the stories behind the region’s strong historical ties. Some tours, such as that of the Euganei Hills, visit vineyards that have long been producers and purveyors of fine wine. The volcanic soil favours the cultivation of native grapes and so has been the real differentiator in terms of production.

The Berici Hills are somewhat unique and isolated from other wine-making regions and the limestone soil, mild climate, landscape and proximity to some of the Venetian cities make it the ideal place for wine tasting. Tours also manage to incorporate visits to wild caves and cities rich in architecture.

The Lessini Durello region is a journey of continual discovery, and home to flavours that should be enjoyed all year round. The wine, of extraordinary freshness, is usually served with cod “alla Vicentina”, a classic dish known around the world.

In addition to celebrating fine food and wine, Veneto invites visitors to marvel at one-of-a-kind landscapes and ancient civilizations. It is the ideal escape for those looking to unwind and forget busy schedules. The only thing you have to do is enjoy a refreshing glass of wine whilst breathing in magnificent scenery!


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