Welcome to another edition of BBMag Latinos!


We are here to welcome you to our latest edition of BBMag Latinos!

I hope you are well and enjoying the London summer sun, while also, of course, adhering to all the necessary health guidelines issued by the local authorities.

With all the idyllic sunny weather, why not discover the best spots in London to enjoy a picnic? We’ve compiled a list of our top picks. Also, be sure to read about some of the most famous Latino dancers at the Royal Ballet, one of the most prestigious performing arts institutions in the world.

For those who miss being beside the seaside in the late afternoon sun, we profile some of the most beautiful beaches in the Veneto region of Italy.

How about a nice glass of wine on a summer’s evening? Be sure to savour some of Latin America’s most celebrated vines in, from Argentina to Chile, in our exclusive regional feature. Prefer something with a little more kick? Check out our irresistible take on the fabled Margarita—made with jalapeño chilli!

Since we mentioned drinks, how about learning more about the Latin American gastronomy? In our cover story, you can get a taste for the region’s most popular dishes, as well as the some of the traditions that unite the people.

Also, uncover the importance of being bilingual in this increasingly connected world, how to send money overseas and all you ever needed to know about Latino hats! We invite you to embark on this fun-filled voyage of discovery, so grab your favourite hat to protect yourself from the sun and let’s go.

You can read this edition as well as all our previous editions online by visiting www.bbmag.co.uk/publications.

Until the next issue!

Glauco Chris Fuzinatto

Publisher / Managing Editor



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