A Brazilian twist, per favore!


As both the cradle of European culture and home to perhaps one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world, Italy also knows how to mix a cocktail or two. From an Americano to a Bellini, Italy is synonymous with incomparable flavours and unique taste.

Italy is home to a number of established cocktails, including Limoncello, Fernet, Sambuca, Campari, and Aperol. But for this round, it’s a Negroni. 

This age-old drink originated at Café Casoni, in Florence, when a customer, Camillo Negroni, asked to substitute gin for soda. From there, the cocktail conquered the world. This year, in fact, it was the no.2 best-selling cocktail according to Drinks International. So, to commemorate, we thought we’d add a little Brazilian twist to this illustrious Italian mix!

A classic Negroni uses three equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari. For this recipe we will introduce our own blessed spirit, cachaça (aged in amburana, a native Brazilian wood to add a unique sweet and woody hint). The idea here is to add a little Brazilian flavour without compromising the essence and balance of an established classic. In our recipe we simply keep the volume of cachaça proportionate to the gin, so stay pretty loyal to the original in terms of volumes mixed.



12.5ml of Gin

12.5ml of Cachaça (Aged in amburana)

25ml of Sweet Vermouth

25ml of Campari



Put the ice in a tumbler, add the doses of gin, cachaça, Campari, and sweet vermouth. Mix well and decorate the glass with slither of orange rind.



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Economist, drinks specialist, founder of the House of Cachaça, and also runs IMC Drinks, a company that promotes the development of Brazilian drinks overseas.