“A healthy mind, your healthy body”


This expression symbolises the importance of keeping the mind and body both healthy. It results in physical and mental well-being. We must pay attention to the existing link between body and mind

Physical activity is one of the best ways to boost your brain. A person who has a regular workout routine thinks faster and may learn and memorise quickly.

The exercises, done in a disciplined way, help to fight against degenerative diseases of the brain, like, for example, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and contribute to reducing the risk of stroke (CVA). Furthermore, due to natural proteins’ effect on mental health, there may be a possible link between depression and cardiac diseases. Physical activity stimulates the production of these proteins, and it helps to maintain the ability of the heart muscle cells to contract and relax properly.

The key to obtaining good results in this direction is to care for, at the same time, the body and the mind. Here, follow six simple examples that can help you take a more active brain:

– While you are on a walk, pay attention only to your breathing

– Always try to focus on the activity you’re doing, whatever it may be

– Practice regular physical activity. Not only practice them on weekends. Move!

– Challenge your mental limits, or you remain at the same physical and psychological level

– Meditate! Through meditation, you get in contact with basic sensations of life. Frequently practising enables the restoration of physiological functions compromised by stress, improves respiratory function and helps to reduce heartbeats

– And finally, pay close attention to your diet, avoiding any exaggerations

As we saw, physical activity, concentration, discipline, meditation and good nutrition help you to be ever healthy and strong. And with the best brain and heart that you deserve

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About Author

She holds a degree in Physical Education, is 48 years old, and has worked for the past 30 years as a personal trainer. She used to enjoy running, but a problem with her foot has begun to limit one of her passions. She loves travelling to the beach, likes animals and loves her daughter, Giulia!