A journey around Latin America: Costa Rica #5


Home to unrivalled diversity, Latin America is a melting pot of cultures


The countries that make up Latin America are as distinct from one another as the region is from other parts of the world. So, what unites them? In addition to geographical proximity and the Spanish language (with the exception of Portuguese in Brazil and French in Haiti), perhaps it’s the culture, the climate, the more relaxed outlook on life than European counterparts. There are a number of familiarities that unite them but, at the same time, many aspects that make them unique thanks to their historical context. This is, ultimately, the charm of Latin America.

With that in mind, we have prepared a broad overview of the “best of all things Latin”, with a particular focus on tourism, culture and gastronomy. With so many countries to choose from and so few pages, it won’t be possible to showcase everything at once, but we promise to profile each one in greater detail in future editions. Below are some of the highlights.

To give priority to our Latin neighbours, we will not include Brazil in this section. But worry not, if you want to find out more about this South American giant just browse any of the other  editions of BBMag – Bossa Brazil Magazine printed or online.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is defined by its wonderful natural resources. From sea turtles returning to the ocean having laid their eggs to tropical birds in full flight, the country is Central America’s number one pick for environmental tourism. During the rainy season, another incredible scene to witness is the crowds of brightly coloured frogs searching for mating partners. Whale watching is another favourite attraction.Costa Ricans share similar culinary tastes to Brazilians, with traditional preferences for foods like rice and beans. A special sauce, called natilla, is widely used to season meats and even as a filling used in breads and sandwiches. Slightly sour in taste, it can be found in any supermarket.


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