Brownies, Top Chef Brasil…


Let’s check in with Brazilian-British chef Luciana Berry 


Our very own Luciana Berry, BBMag’s expert culinary columnist, has been exceptionally busy during the lockdown. Unable to sit back and simply watch the crisis unfold, Luciana has been using her talents to help combat the pandemic by providing hot dishes to feed frontline NHS workers in London, to enable these heroic health professionals to stay healthy and carry on the good fight. The meals were distributed by @mealsforthenhs 

Another undertaking by Luciana, and the main reason why this column, first time in five years, is written by a guest cook, is that she is currently participating in “Top Chef Brasil”, alongside 13 other chefs vying for the title. Felipe Bronze—one of the few Brazilian professionals to have two Michelin stars—is the show’s host, accompanied by French chef Emmanuel Bassoleil and food critic Ailin Aleixo. Together they will judge the dishes prepared by the contestants during each episode. Be sure to follow the competition, which is broadcast by Record TV. We will be cheering you on, Luciana!

Anyway, the chef that never rests, decided to share with us her exclusive recipe for her famous and delicious brownies.
Time to get to work!

Luciana’s Brownies 

(Always use top-quality chocolate) 



375g of the 70% dark chocolate 

375g unsalted butter 

tablespoon of vanilla essence 

large eggs 

500g of refined sugar 

225g of sifted wheat flour 

1 teaspoon salt 



Heat the oven to 180C 

Line a rectangular baking tray, approximately 33cm x 23cm x 6cm, with baking paper. 

Place the diced butter into a deep saucepan. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt over low heat, stirring constantly. When everything has melted, add the vanilla and leave to cool. 

Once cold, add one egg at a time and stir constantly (so the yolk doesn’t curdle). After the eggs have been worked in, add the sugar, while continuing to stir. Mix well. Add the sifted flour and salt. Mix well. Place on the baking sheet and place in oven. Bake until the point that when you place a toothpick in the middle it comes out a little brown (it needs to be a little “dirty” because the brownies keep cooking in the tray, even when out of the oven). 

Depending on the oven, the average baking time is about 27 minutes. Leave to cool, before cutting into squares. 


Let me know how they taste! 

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About Author

Luciana Berry’s mission as a chef in the UK is to showcase the exotic flavours and ingredients that are integral to Brazilian cuisine. Luciana is an Ambassador of Brazilian cuisine and culture in the UK mixing modern and classic cooking techniques to deliver impressive yet subtle tastes from a country which until now few other chefs have successfully exploited.