Ceremonies and celebrations in London 


Important dates and occasions such as a marriage, the renewal of marital vows, a christening, an adoption party, a farewell to a loved one, or even a tribute to a special date, are all important events and should be celebrated as such 

Regardless of your religious beliefs, whether you want children or not, if you intend to marry someone from the same or opposite sex, or your style is traditional, contemporary or creative: Everything is more memorable when a celebration is unique, unforgettable, original, exciting and very, very special. Why? Because you are creating memorable experiences that last and act as fuel for happiness, pleasure and emotion. 

It is often a good idea to hire a professional that specialises in a particular area of interest. Below we list some occasions that may require help from experts: 


A ceremony that creates a unique story. It might be traditional or alternative in style but should reflect the essence of the relationship.   

Renewal of vows 

It is the perfect way to celebrate a love that has deepened or matured with time. In fact, any couple, of any age, married or engaged for any length of time, can celebrate like this. 

Gender Reveal/Christening/Welcoming party 

Before a birth, you may want to celebrate with an event with family and friends to reveal the sex of your baby. A christening, on the other hand, is more of a welcoming of a child to the family. Such event can take place in outdoor spaces too, such as a park or garden, or even a rented event space. 

Funeral Service 

Bidding farewell to a loved one is an important step and allows family and friends to adjust to new circumstances. It is a moment of union to mark the loss of someone dear and gives grieving parties the opportunity to share stories and memories through music, readings, poetry and testimonials. 

Memorial services 

Sometimes it’s not possible to give your loved one the farewell that you (or they) would like. After some time, though, you may feel more able to celebrate that person’s life and include a wider circle of friends and family who have been influenced by him or her but missed the chance to attend the funeral. 

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