Children´s Week – Delicious cookies recipe


On 12 October we celebrated “Children´s Day” in Brazil, a special date to celebrate the children, especially in schools.
Even though “Children´s Day” is celebrated on different dates around the world (read more about the date here), the idea is the same: to have the children as the centre of attention and to remind ourselves that, wherever they are, the children have their rights, embodied in the ten principles of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Children, adopted in 1959 by the countries signatories of the resolution of the UN.

What about if we extend a little the date and we pay a special homage to the children we have home?

We can bake cookies in different shapes and give to the children to decorate them. It is a simple gesture, but it shows that we care about them. Here are the recipe and some photos to serve as inspiration.


  • 250 g butter, at room temperature;
  • 1 ¾ cups sugar;
  • 2 eggs;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • 4 tbsp heavy cream;
  • 600 to 700 g flour.

Whip the butter and sugar together and add the remaining ingredients. Roll the dough and cut the cookies into different shapes. Bake them at 200ºC (390ºF) for about 10 minutes.



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RIGLEA BRAUER HOLVA, somewhere between 60 and 70 years old, is from MG, but as a teenager she made her way out and ended up in the Brazilian Foreign Service. She has lived in several countries but never forgot her “mineirice”, which is reflected in her love of grammar and the delicacies that she bakes in her kitchen-lab every week. She has lived in Stockholm since 2008. With two sons and married to a Swedish-Finnish citizen, her home is like a “small UN”: languages, traditions, habits and culinary diversity cohabit peacefully. She has quite a few passions: the unconditional love for the family and friends, flavorful food and a good glass of wine. Cheers!