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The Caipirinha, the quintessential Brazilian cocktail, continues to reinvent itself and attract evermore people to its legion of fans

Legend has it that in 1918, in the interior of São Paulo, cachaça used to be mixed with lemon, garlic and honey as a remedy for the Spanish flu. But then, one day, someone decided to remove the garlic and honey and replace it with sugar and ice. And right there, a drink was created that has since become a national treasure, as well as a huge international success.

The fact is that people are always inventing new recipes given the versatility of cachaça. As BBMag always aims to bring its readers all the latest news and developments from Brazil, we too will try to offer you some new and exciting recipes for exotic caipirinhas, made with some quite unusual ingredients. Whether made with cachaça, vodka (caipiroska), rum (caipiríssima) or sake (saquerinha), we guarantee you won’t regret trying them!

Banana and cinnamon caipirinha

60ml of cachaça

1 and ½ spoons of refined sugar

½ a banana

Preparation: Place the banana and the sugar into a cocktail shaker. Mash well. Add the ice and cachaça and shake well. Pour into a cup and sprinkle with cinnamon powder.

Pepper Caipirissima

60 ml of rum

1 and ½ spoons of refined sugar

2 slices of each pepper: green, yellow and red.

Preparation: Place the slices of pepper and the sugar into a cocktail shaker. Grind and soften the pepper. Add the ice and finally the rum, making sure to mix the ingredients well.


Coffee Caipirinha

1 lime

50 ml of coffee expresso

50 ml of cachaça


Preparation: Add the lime and sugar to a glass and squeeze. Add the cachaça and the ice, and then the coffee. Mix well. Decorate with coffee beans to give it that special touch.


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