International Friendship Day


International Friendship Day takes place each year on 30 July.

The date was officialised in 2011 by the UN General Assembly, the idea being that it would help to promote friendship between different peoples, countries and cultures, whilst also being an impetus for governments, international organizations and social groups to put on events encouraging dialogue among the world’s civilizations, solidarity, mutual comprehension and reconciliation.

The day is also important for the campaign for a culture of peace and non-violence towards children.

In Brazil and other Latin American countries, such as Uruguay and Argentina, the date has come to be celebrated on 20 July, but the message is the same. Friendship is one of Humanity’s most noble and valuable senses. So, to make the day even happier, there’s nothing better than these words, written by the Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento, which make up what many consider to be the Hymn for Friendship.


Canção da América – Milton Nascimento –American Song

A friend is something to keep | Amigo é coisa para se guardar
Safely locked away | Debaixo de sete chaves
Inside your heart | Dentro do coração
That’s what was said in the song I heard in America | Assim falava a canção que na América ouvi
But the singer was crying | Mas quem cantava chorou
As they saw their friend leaving | Ao ver o seu amigo partir

And the one who stayed, flew away in thought | Mas quem ficou, no pensamento voou
With the song that the other one remembered | Com seu canto que o outro lembrou
And the one who flew away, remained in thought | E quem voou, no pensamento ficou
With the memory that the other one sung | Com a lembrança que o outro cantou

A friend is something to keep | Amigo é coisa para se guardar
On the left side of your chest | No lado esquerdo do peito
Even when time and distance say “no” | Mesmo que o tempo e a distância digam “não”
Even when you forget the song | Mesmo esquecendo a canção
What matters is to listen | O que importa é ouvir
To your heart’s voice | A voz que vem do coração

Because whatever may come, may come | Pois seja o que vier, venha o que vier
Someday, my friend, I’ll be back | Qualquer dia, amigo, eu volto
To find you | A te encontrar
Someday, my friend, we’ll meet | Qualquer dia, amigo, a gente vai se encontrar


Listen to the Song:


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