Lymphatic Drainage: an incredible massage technique


This favourite massage technique is linked to several health benefits

Ever heard of lymphatic drainage? Well, it is a type of massage that helps to reduce fluid retention, swelling in the feet, ankles, legs, belly, hands and arms. In addition, drainage also encourages the activation of the lymphatic system and promotes better circulation, which improves muscle blood flow, detoxifies the body, acts as an analgesic, relieves bruising and swelling after plastic surgery, and helps in the treatment of cellulite. But what is lymph? Of all the fluids in the body, the two most important are blood and lymph. Lymph is produced when blood passes through capillaries and leaks into the body; the capillary pores are tiny and do not allow red blood cells to pass through like they do blood plasma, which ultimately contains oxygen, proteins, glucose and white blood cells. 

The most famous and raved about the method of lymphatic drainage in Brazil was created by Renata França. Her technique is a hit with celebrities, including Ivete Sangalo (singer) and Bruna Marquezine (actress), among others. 

This new method favoured by the stars is unlike any other, be it on account of the firm pressure used or the accelerated pace at which it is administered, or indeed the unique applications that deliver immediate results. The technique reduces oedema, activates blood circulation and reinvigorates the complete network of vessels that move fluids around the body, reducing the formation of dreaded cellulite, rendering a less “puffy” figure with a faster metabolism and, consequently, a heightened sensation of well-being. 

The massage can be done on men or women of all ages. The one exception is in the case of pregnancy. Those interested should also consult with their doctor to assess suitability. It is not suitable for some cancer patients as drainage cannot be performed while undergoing chemotherapy. 

The recommended frequency is at least twice a week, and the drainage time is around 45 minutes for facial or 75 minutes for full body massage. 

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Cristiane Mellatto is Brazilian, from São Paulo, graduated in business administration. Cristiane had always worked in finance until she left everything to live in London and changed her profession. Today, graduated in several massage courses, she really does what she loves: it helps to improve people's health and self-esteem.