Saddlebags, one of the body’s great enemies


Due to genetic and hormonal factors, fat accumulation can appear in various body parts from an early age. Learn how to combat this old adversary. 

Saddlebags refer to the accumulation of body fat on the hips and thighs brought about by genetic factors and the effect of female hormones. They can, in fact, even affect thin women. Saddlebags can also begin to form during adolescence.

Losing unwanted fat in this region takes work. It requires a lot of discipline, a combination of aerobic exercise, and the overall strengthening of the hips. The best exercises focus on three interconnected muscle groups: the buttocks, the thighs and the rear quadriceps (back of the thighs). When the thighs and buttocks are strengthened, the saddlebags become smaller as the muscle is an active tissue that burns fat, improving the overall appearance and leaving the whole body more proportional.

How to resolve the issue

Aerobic exercises help raise the heart rate and cause fat to be burned as energy. Running, walking or even better, a Spinning class (the one where you use a bike machine) are activities that help burn this sort of body fat. You should consult a doctor to assess your physical suitability and seek the guidance of a qualified personal trainer who can design a suitable training program for you.

But we must remember that maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is essential. It is very important to avoid consuming sweets, fried foods and processed products. And it is essential to drink a lot of water (at least two litres per day) to prevent fluid retention.

It is a tough battle. But keep focused, committed, disciplined and patient, and the results will come with time. Have a good workout!

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