The breath-taking landscapes of Veneto 


To spend the summer in Veneto is to be spoilt by endless options in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Explore bike trails, enjoy wine tours, visit iconic cities, and have an unforgettable time! 

This fantastic region is not only about thermal waters and ski resorts; in warmer months, there is an abundance of activities that tourists can enjoy, such as visiting historical sites, cycling, and picnics in unforgettable surroundings. 

For wine lovers, the Prosecco Route is a must. Legend has it that this was the place where this wine making method was invented. 

The cities of Treviso, Venice, Vicenza, Padua and Belluno are splendorous and culturally captivating, each with its own unique history. 

And speaking of heritage, how about visiting all UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Veneto? There is the Lagoon of Venice and the military fortifications in the same region, the city of Padua with its Palladian Villas and Botanical Gardens, the city of Verona and, in the shadows of the Alps, the prehistoric pile dwellings. And if mountains take your fancy, you cannot miss the Dolomites, with some of the most stunning mountain views on the planet. 

The ideal expedition for cycling fans is the Lagoon of Venice, as the route takes in landscapes and culture. The tour shows a more sedate side of Venice, away from the crowds. The bike ride lasts for about 4 hours and is great for those who want to get out into the elements, even with a facemask. 

Speaking of sports, golfers can spend their holiday playing the region’s excellent courses, from the interior to the coast. You can train on the same fairways that were once home to Champion golfer Matteo Manassero. You can also see some of the silver wear and artifacts of past champions on display. As you can imagine, the backdrop to these courses is simply mesmerising.  

And as if that weren’t enough, you can take the love of your life on all these tours. After all, what could be more romantic than a honeymoon during the Italian summer, under the Venice sun, with a drop of the region’s five-star wine? This, of course, is not to mention all the unforgettable tourist spots that spoil visitors with the iconic architecture, history and culture of the region. 

There are oases and beautiful gardens scattered throughout the Veneto region, such as the Giusti, Pojega, Sigurtà gardens, all in Verona; Alessandro Rossi, in Vicenza; Villa Barbarigo, in Valsanzibio; Lorenzoni and Sbarai, in Belluno; Rosolina, in Rovigo; Villa Giustiniani, in Vanzo; and the oases of Ca’mello (Rovigo), Cervara (Treviso) and the Averto Valley (Campagna Lupia). They all combine architectural wonders with exotic fauna and flora and are full of interesting and little-known species. 

For those who like a little adventure and the great outdoors, the Veneto region has suspension bridges that allow tourists to observe the best of nature. They is the Avis Bridge in Valli del Pasubio, in Vicenza; the suspension bridges over the Val Montina, in Perarolo di Cadore and the Igne di Longarone, both in Belluno; the suspension bridge of the Crero di Torri del Benaco in Verona; that of Vaio dell’Orsa, in Brentino Belluno, Verona; and also in Verona, the Della Val Sorda bridge. 

Finally, you can ramble through stunning landscapes on any number of designated paths, such as the Dolomites path, where the mountain range almost looks like a painting. Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims who travelled to Rome in medieval times, or retrace the route taken by Santo Antônio when he went to convert the cities of northern Italy.


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