Water for breakfast is good for your health


It’s a habit that few people have, but the truth is that starting the day with only water can indeed bring benefits to your health

More than 70% of the body is made up of water, so the daily replenishment of this liquid is very important. Water works as the body’s principal solvent. It performs essential chemical reactions and guarantees the balance and maintenance of physical and biological functions.

Drinking water immediately after waking up hydrates the body, activates the intestines, and improves their overall performance. It also keeps the brain active and hydrated cells receive oxygenated blood more efficiently, making you more alert.

Water intake also controls the successful functioning of the kidneys, the digestive tract, and the elasticity and complexion of the skin. It stimulates diuresis (removing water via urine), which helps eliminate toxins from the body. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of various diseases, including asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, and various eye, ear and throat diseases. It also reduces the chance of headaches and migraines and helps in the fight against excessive fat accumulation.

Water also helps with the lubrication of joints and improves muscular contraction. In other words, you should drink water before, during (in intervals between sets) and after exercising. According to specialists, the recommended amount per day is two litres – the equivalent of six to eight cups.

Starting your day well-hydrated is very good for you! Maintain your healthy habits, transform your body and always hydrate yourself!

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