Teenagers working out in gyms: should parents be worried?


Does it hurt? Does it stunt physical development? Are there any risks involved?

It’s not uncommon to see teenagers in the gym these days. Their interest starts surprisingly early – around 12 – leaving many parents concerned about the possible implications and side effects.

A workout for a teenager should be treated like any other physical activity designed to promote a more active lifestyle and avoid obesity. Therefore, the chosen exercises should be less heavy in impact and duration and be closely supervised by a professional instructor. Bodybuilding exercises designed to increase muscle mass are not recommended for this age group.

When performed correctly, exercises can improve cardiovascular circulation, flexibility, motor ability, posture, and concentration.

Seek a doctor’s advice about the best activity for your teenager. If you opt for a gym, close supervision is strongly advised, and always be sure to find a qualified professional and a reputable establishment. And remember, the most important is to be active, so encourage your teenager to choose something that will benefit them.

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